The Best Real Estate Investing YouTube Channels: An Honest Guide On What You Get

So, after you learn about something like investing, head over to a brokerage firm and start investing. Or log into your bank account and read your monthly bank statement to make sure it’s on track. In recent years, cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the most popular alternative investments. There’s a lot to learn in this emerging market, and one of the best places to start is with Ivan on Tech. Head over to Jeff’s YouTube channel for videos on how to hack your way to wealth.

All areas of finance seem to have been touched upon, with financial goals, money-making ideas and tips on saving being just three of the recent topics. While this may sound exciting , it isn’t realistic right at the start of your trading career to expect an income like that. It’s chart-heavy, and this may be a problem for beginners, but it does also mean that if you’re in need of some strengthening of your chart analysis skills, this is the place. What’s important here is that the charts are clearly presented, which isn’t always the case with online resources. There’s lot to take in here, but the presenters are intelligent and well-researched.

Why You Should Study Accounting

Rule #1 Investing is a YouTube channel run by Phil Town, and investment advisor and hedge fund manager. His videos are shore yet informative and easy to understand, covering all kinds of 101investing topics related to the stock market and trading and investing. Town provides great advice about how to locate quality stocks and have a personal income stream to help you while you trade.

Who is the best stock advisor on YouTube?

Who is the best stock advisor on Youtube? One of the best financial advisers on Youtube is Sven Carlin with over 200 thousand subscribers.

Chelsea Fagan started the Financial Diet to track her budget in 2014. Besides investment advice, you will learn about the importance of an emergency fund, budgeting, how to cut costs at the grocery store, etc. John’s channel focuses entirely on mobile home investing (that’s his business) but the same principles are true throughout the world of real estate. He talks about getting leads, fixing properties, and selling them.

CFDs and other derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how an investment works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Aleks is an in-house writer for MotivationGrid, covering all the latest market shifts and developments.

Best for Beginning Traders: Bulls on Wall Street

However, one website has established itself as a free source of easy-to-learn and accessible educational content. As a result, today we are taking a look at the best investing YouTube channels. There is a huge variety of videos here, covering all possible topics around money.

What is a bearish flag?

The bearish flag is a candlestick chart pattern that signals the extension of the downtrend once the temporary pause is finished. As a continuation pattern, the bear flag helps sellers to push the price action further lower.

Besides the normal stocks, this channel also offers cryptocurrency reviews, tutorials, and portfolios. With more than 7 million views since the creation of the channel in April 2017, Young And Investing have one of the biggest following in this area. If you have any doubt you can contact directly the creator, Quinten through his personal email. After writing him off for a while, I kept seeing his videos all over the place – so I decided to give him a chance and watch a few of his videosin their entirety.

CNBC – Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money”

While internet learning does not come with the advantages of a full education, it can give you all the skills you need to successfully invest your money. If you apply yourself enough, you can even secure your future and create additional streams of income. With the rise of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, along with streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Live, it’s never been easier to record yourself and build a following. One downside to this, however, is that it becomes harder and harder to discern the quality content from the chaff.

What is a trend channel?

Trend channels, also sometimes called price channels or trading channels, are a popular tool in technical analysis used by investors to determine good places to buy or sell. Trend channels consist of at least two trend lines that connect the swing highs and the swing lows of a trending or a sideways moving market.

ARK Investment Management LLC is an investment management firm based in the United States. The company was founded by Cathie Wood in 2014 and today, it manages more than 50 billion in assets. As a highly successful investor and businessperson, Cathie has a lot of experience in the financial world. She also has a lot of knowledge to impart to those aspiring to reach the same levels of success. ARK Invest, the investment management firm owned by Cathie Wood, has its very own YouTube channel.

If you’ve never traded in the stock market, the Benzinga course on How to Trade Stocks is for you. In addition, you’ll find a wide array of trading tools and a trading simulator to hone your newly acquired day trading skills. Warrior Trading has been featured on Bloomberg, Huffpost and Benzinga.

Investors Underground

Loida is a real estate agent, and her channel is geared more for agents and brokers. It’s honestly a little more glitzy and glamorous than many other real estate investing channels. I’m not saying it is impossible to get rich quickly, but it shouldn’t be a goal. This business is about continual growth through mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity.

best youtube investing channels

The kind of information that changes your life, helps you see a new perspective and makes you stick with the video from beginning to end. Ben felix does in depth portfolio theory videos and the plain bagel does good videos on common investment related topics. What are the best investment channels on Youtube to help grow your account? I currently follow Market Marauders, Financial Education, and Andrei Jikh. Bond Vigilantes publishes videos for investment professionals with current market commentary on the bond markets by M & G Investments. DailyFX publishes several short videos a day featuring forex news, forex market analysis, as well as breaking down currency pairs, commodities, and indices using technical analysis.

Best for learning actionable insight: WhiteBoard Finance

His content is top-notch, and he’s famous for making that kind of money. Videos crop up every couple of days, and he offers plenty of high quality content. His style may be a little too much for some people, and the pace can be frenetic, but it’s a good thing. You’re looking at around 20 minutes average for length and the wide variety of topics make it a solid choice for finance information. If you want honesty, and plenty of insight into chart analysis, this is the one for you. You’re looking at daily content, and the depth of advice and detail really makes it worthwhile.

Along with cryptocurrencies, you will also have a hold on investing knowledge after watching the Young And Investing YouTube channel. If you are trading alone, the Investors Underground is made for you. Learn from some of the best traders in the world by watching interviews of the heroes on the scene. With Brett Steenbarger , Jon Najarian, and many others on this channel. He keeps it very real, and focused on what can honestly be expected from day trading full time. Let’s make it clear that Sykes has made a significant amount of money from trading, and he is very upfront about this.

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