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The pandemic forced millions of people to suddenly work from home in 2020. Provided with just a laptop at the kitchen table, with no ergonomic design is no longer sufficient. Employers must commit to work from home remotely as a legitimate workplace. Keep a watchful eye on your posture when you work at a standing desk. If you’re feeling pain, stop and examine how you’re positioned and adjust it. The last thing you want is to not be able to sit or stand while you work. To create the perfect work throne, you may need to get creative.

work from home ergonomics presentation

Look for cars with automatic transmissions and power steering. These features lessen any twisting of the spine and strain to the lower back by eliminating the action of having to shift gears.

Ergonomic And Safety Tips When Working From Home

“For MSK injuries, the decision point for surgery is crucial. Unnecessary surgeries have a major impact on cases from the perspective of both recovery and cost,” said Dr. Choo. “Injured workers will have a single point of contact who is invested in their case and who they can go to for guidance or with any questions about the care process,” said Galia. Under many current care models, these practitioners typically work independently and don’t have a view of the larger picture. Keeping the main monitor an arm’s length in front of the eyes, with the brightest light source off to the side.

work from home ergonomics presentation

Receive job search tactics to find the best opportunities for you and tips for crafting your resume for remote-friendly employers. Specifically, your desk should fit your knees, feet, and thighs comfortably underneath. You shouldn’t feel that you have to press your legs together to fit, and your knees shouldn’t bang up against anything. If you can’t fit under the desk comfortably, try out a different “desk” until you find the right fit. Standing has become very popular as a way to be more productive and healthy as you work.


To do so, keep the keyboard close to the front edge of the table. To stabilize your pelvis, your feet should rest firmly on the floor so that you can sit on your sitting bones, with your belt on a lumbar support.

Placing your keyboard at elbow height is only the beginning of proper keyboard ergonomics. To ensure you’ve got the right keyboard height, place the keyboard on your work surface then try to type a few lines. As you type, your wrists should remain straight, and your upper arms should stay close to your body, without you forcing it. While working on a laptop for a short time is fine, using one for longer periods , will not do wonders for your body. However, there are things you can do to improve laptop ergonomics when you work on it for long periods. And, even if you use a desktop with a detached keyboard, mouse, and monitor, you still have to place everything correctly, so you don’t injure yourself. See the 8 best hand and wrist exercises you should perform daily at the office to ward off carpal tunnel and other RSI injuries in this presentation .

Simple Hand And Wrist Exercises To Prevent Carpal Tunnel And Rsi

If you spend prolonged periods of time on the telephone it can lead to chronic neck, shoulder, and upper back pain disorders. Using proper phone techniques is key in preventing injuries from developing. Position your telephone in a location that can be easily reached without having to twist, bend or overly stretch. These informative programs can reduce worker compensation cost, repetitive stress injuries, and increase employee productivity and employee satisfaction. Handout used to illustrate appropriate positions and postures while sitting or standing at a workstation. This study is important, particularly with regard to workplace ergonomics and solutions during the pandemic crisis. However, there are many aspects in which the authors could expand their aim and also analysis of the data.

  • Adjust the tilt of the laptop screen to minimize screen glare.
  • One simple method is to ask a telecommuter to take pictures of her workspace and email them to an ergonomist.
  • Giving them the tools to remain mobile but productive depends on having a versatile workstation, including ergonomic input devices, a laptop or tablet, and a carry bag to transport all their equipment safely.
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  • For many workers, that still means a major shift to accommodate multiple monitors, an office chair and other typical workstation necessities in a space not designed for them.

If your employees will be using work equipment at home, a picture of their workspace can help make sure they have a safe space to do so. The COVID-19 pandemic was an unexpected change that brought ergonomics and proper body positioning to the forefront of many people’s minds, especially for those currently working in a remote environment. Many people may not have spent much time focusing on how their home workstation is set up, so working remotely can pose an injury https://remotemode.net/ prevention challenge for those not used to that environment. Social distancing still can be followed by using remote or virtual ergonomic assessment techniques where ergonomists can obtain the most pertinent information to recommend an optimum workstation setup. Find a working surface and chair in your home that puts you in the posture shown in the diagram referenced above. But OSHA has revised its guidelines to account for different ergonomic postures.

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By catching and reducing risk early, we can turn ergonomic health and safety into yet another advantage of telecommuting. If your employees are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial to maintain safety as your top priority.

  • Follow these tips when setting up your home office with the proper ergonomics in mind.
  • We have the ideology of giving everyone a desk, a chair, a keyboard and a mouse, but that can’t always apply, because people’s apartments and houses are getting smaller, and they don’t have the space,” said Abbott.
  • Over 2,000 companies use our software to reduce office ergonomics and materials handling risk.
  • As a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist, Physical Therapist, and Disability Analyst, she has developed the most comprehensive online training in the ergonomics in the industry.

The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. In order to minimize external noise, use a headphone with a microphone for teleconference calls or to reduce outside noise while working. When possible, use the time during the calls to stand up, walk, and stretch. The world has moved to a reality where many people are working from home and social distancing measures require a new normal.

Ergonomics For Work From Home

Others may find it challenging to share a workspace with family, pets, or roommates. Encourage employees to sit down and talk with their families. Have them explain their work from home situation and when they will be available.

  • This course is designed by a Board-Certified Professional Ergonomist and Physical Therapist.
  • Donna Costa, the director of UNLV’s occupational therapy program, offers ergonomics tips to prevent wrist pain and other injuries while working from home.
  • According to recent work from home statistics, 40% of the 856 people surveyed aren’t working from a dedicated desk.
  • Lastly, you’ll learn some practical ways to de-stress at your desk using breathwork, self-massage, and stretches.

Our bodies are not meant to be static, they’re meant to move. Make it a point to get up and stretch once every hour during your work day. Here, Costa offers tips to turn your home’s work space into an area that works for your health.

Stay connected with your workforce while employees are working remotely. Decide what communication channels are the most valuable and use them to stay in touch.

work from home ergonomics presentation

To validate the problems and solutions for WFH ergonomics issues, this study adopted a qualitative approach for the preliminary data work from home ergonomics collection. The questions were validated through face validity by three academicians specialising in ergonomics and HR management.

Lowering Total Cost Of Care By Building Better Pathways

Choose a vehicle that sits high above the curb – an SUV instead of a sports car – if you already have a history of lower back problems. Fit all faucets in the house with a user-friendly variety in which low force is necessary to turn the water on and off. This keeps you from putting unnatural stress on your wrists, which can cause injury to wrist tendons. Make sure bathroom sinks and shower heads are not too low, which can further irritate lower back and neck injuries. Use bath and floor mats, which provide good traction to prevent slips and falls.

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Having an ergonomically designed workstation that conforms to your specific duties will increase productivity and more importantly it will minimize repetitive stress injuries. A remote ergonomic assessment of your home office setup can improve your comfort, safety, and productivity. When you use a laptop, you should use the same ergonomic setup for the screen. This means propping your laptop up on something to bring the top of the screen to eye level. Of course, this makes it harder to type, which is why you should use an external keyboard and mouse when you must use a laptop for extended periods.

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